Hello. Welcome to the online home of Camp Glee Club! We host performing arts camps for young singers and dancers and workshops for singers ready to take their craft to the next level!
Building self esteem through self expression!!
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Camp Glee performance workshops!

Check out this amazing article about our very own Ms. Latanya Lockett
SD Voyager
After talking to multiple young singers about what they want their next steps to be as artists, we have developed two amazing workshops to help you improve your craft , record in a professional studio and create a professionally shot and edited video!! 
Details Below 

Workshop 1!  sing! record! educate! 

participants will take a song that they love and learn how to use their own vocal range and ability to make the song their own.
through 4 two hour workshops singers will 
    *work with professional singers and musicians to recreate their song
    *receive education from industry professionals on the topics of intellectual property, copywritten work, sampling and more
    *prepare, edit and critique their song for studio recording

participants will work with a sound engineer in a professional studio to record their song. 

Workshop 2!  perform! film! create!

workshop series two will be all about performance skills! Through four 2 hour worshops participants will.. 
    *work with professional choreographers on stage presence     and performance
    *develop and design a treatment for their own video to     launch on youtube
    *work with a professional videographer to film and edit     video
How can you be a part of it??

send a one minute clip of you singing a song that shows off your vocals to campgleeclub@gmail.com

When and where are the workshops located?

There will be a workshop series in San Diego beginning January 15th and in North County beginning March 11th.
Workshops will be weekly at 5pm - 4 two hour long workshops

video submissions will be received until a week before workshops begin.